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Saw's Story

Mike grew up in North Carolina where using vinegar-based sauce is the only way to cook authentic barbecue. So when he caught the fever for preparing his own pulled pork, it was only natural to begin to tinker with his own flavors. Many late nights around the barbecue pit with buddies taste-testing the different variations eventually yielded the sweet and tangy recipe that's in the bottle today.

It was a passion he eventually shared with coworkers at Cooking Light. And once they tasted it, they begged for more.

"Basically one day, I had a friend bribe me with beer so I'd cook her a Boston butt. Then we started up an email list. Before I knew it, I was pretty much barbecuing for someone every weekend," Mike recalls.

The lightbulb moment came one day when a local lawyer took a real liking to Saw's Sauce. "He started putting it on everything from brussels sprouts to tuna to his eggs in the morning," explains Mike. "He was so enthusiastic he decided to buy a gallon of it and divide it into bottled portions for client gifts. He even made up his own label: 'The best sauce I ever ate!'"

From there, Mike knew that demand for Saw's Sauce was something worth exploring. So he took a straw poll for a name, and one of his friends suggested that Mike use his high school nickname, SAW, which is an acronym for "Sorry A## Wilson." (You'll have to use your imagination to figure out what the "A" stands for.) Perfect for a product developed over the course of so many good times with good friends of days gone by.

Now you can find Saw's Sauce on retailer's shelves around the Southeast, and people everywhere are discovering that Saw's Sauce adds a hearty "Yessir!" to every dish.

About Chef Mike Wilson

Chef Mike Wilson has been cooking since he was fifteen years old. "The retail store where my mom worked had a little cafe inside. I took a job in the kitchen there because I didn't want to bag groceries anymore," Mike says with a laugh.

Turned out that the second job was just the ticket Mike Wilson needed. After high school, he pursued his love of cooking in college, graduating from Johnson & Wales University in Vail, Colorado. He returned to his native North Carolina and worked for Dean & Deluca for 3 years, then earned a position in the Cooking Light test kitchen at Southern Progress Corporation.

Mike considers pulled pork his specialty, probably because he enjoys all the aspects of making great barbecue. "It's really a great fit for my personality. I'm pretty laid-back, and I enjoy having friends over. Plus, you can't beat being outdoors and cooking with fire," Mike grins. "Basically, it's an art form, and Saw's Sauce is my tribute to the great North Carolina barbecue tradition I grew up loving."
      Saw's Sauce is a surprising change from the normal and predictable sauces that I've tried over the years. It's savory, sweet, almost hot flavor really impress me. My only warning – it is addictive.
Kenner Patton — Deputy Editor, Southern Living

      You have it and I want it.
Red Dog, Highlands Bar and Grill


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